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Guinness Records

The most varieties of cheese in a restaurant !

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Buffets & Tradition

From French service to large buffets

Les Grands Buffets Restaurant in Narbonne has made an historical French tradition its very own, in the form of what is known as French service or buffets. From the Middle Ages this is how members of the Royalty and the French aristocracy held their great banquets. Contrary to the English or Russian service, French service consists of serving all the foods at the same time in the form of a «buffet»,  inviting guests to choose their menu according to their taste and preferences.
Now it's your turn!

Dining in the great French tradition

Les Grands Buffets Restaurant invites the public to experience the revival of what had been a dying tradition : the classic feast à la française, in the form of buffet tables filled with an array of exceptional dishes.

Our formula, which is unique in France, brings together all the treasures of our gastronomic heritage : foie gras in any number of ways, lobster grilled or à l’américaine, slow-cooked tripe, calf's head brawn with gribiche sauce, cassoulet, old fashioned veal blanquette, bone marrow with fleur de sel, cuttlefish à la sétoise… There is a dizzying choice of foods, popular regional dishes stand side by side with the essential dishes of traditional French gastronomy. Give your appetite free rein and put together your ideal menu. Start your gastronomic journey by stopping at the amazing hors d’œuvres, check out the sea foods, and then make your way to the rotisserie, finally let yourself go with our Guinness World Records spectacular cheese selection. All you need now to conclude your banquet is a taste of our countless cakes and pastries and a visit to our client-favourite ice-cream counter. To accompany you as you make your way round the tables savouring all they have to offer, choose from our wine list with 70 different wines with most of them offered by the glass.

Homage to the art of fine dining

At Les Grands Buffets restaurant our « revival » of the classic French feast is not just about the food it is also a homage to the traditional arts of fine dining. Immersed in the reverie of a sophisticated and elegant table laid with proper table linen. Each carefully laid table, sets the scene for the true ceremony of a classic French meal : stem glasses, wines decanted into carafes, doilies and embroidered napkins, fish knives and forks etc.