Production price

  • Les plus grands vins des producteurs du Languedoc-Roussillon

Les Grands Buffets Restaurant offers the wine served at table at production price. The wine list practically overflows with 70 wines to choose from at cellar price !

All in a glass

  • les 70 Vins au verre aux Grands Buffets
  • Les Enomatics des Grands Buffets
  • Au verre ou à la bouteille, découvrez les grands vins du pays Narbonnais

The 70 different wines on the list can all be ordered by the glass.

Free bottle

  • Découvrez les vins du Languedoc-Roussillon

At Grands Buffets, you can leave without paying for your wine : true or false?

True ! The restaurant offers you the bottle that you drank with your meal free of charge when you purchase a case of 6 bottles of the same wine.
What better way to discover a good wine than during a good meal?


  • le bar des Grands buffets
  • Découvrez un large choix de crus au pub des Grands Buffets
  • L'afterwork pour découvrir la carte des vins des Grands Buffets

Every day from 6 to 9 pm, call in at the bar of Les Grands Buffets and enjoy a few glasses of wine with your friends and colleagues.

Ensconced in a comfy Chesterfield sofa or seated at the big wooden bar, you will feel your spirits rise : beer, whisky, wine or cocktail?
And just for the pleasure of it, tuck in to the snack buffet on offer : tapenades, toasts, charcuterie, cheese, etc.


  • Les vignerons du Languedoc-Roussillon
  • La carte des vins

Discover the wine makers whose wines are sold at Les Grands Buffets Restaurant visit their vineyards

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