Hors d'oeuvres

Usually, the hardest thing to do in a restaurant is to choose… Not at the Grands Buffets!

Everyone flies here and there jumping enthusiastically from one delicious dish to another even more tantalizing one, picking up a bit of foie gras here, a bit of suckling pig there, whole raw vegetables on the way until the plate (the first...) is stacked high. The seafood platter at Les Grands Buffets is remarkable in that it is absolutely huge…and you can keep coming back for more. No more choosing between oysters,clams, crab, prawns .. try them all.

There is also a wide variety of salmon in all its forms: smoked, bellevue, aspic, marinated in dill, gravlax, ... As for the venerated foie gras, it comes in all its forms and shapes, plain, with salt, pepper, Basque pepper, Rivesaltes Muscat or crème brûlée. Unless you prefer it as a pan-fried escalope on top of your tournedos of course. If so, try the rotisserie.

At the restaurant Les Grands Buffets, the search for product quality and the continuous interest in our terroir are very evident, as displayed in the wide range of raw vegetables and organic farm eggs offered!



At the flaming grill in the Rotisserie, pans are sizzling and bubbling in a culinary symphony.

Before your eyes, cooks simmer your home-cooked meals to the sound of "Oui Chef!" The famous Rouennaise Duckling also know as Canard au Sang, one the most iconic dish of the French gastronomy, The Lièvre à la Royale (hare), American-style lobster, prime rib, foie gras tournedos, duck breast, eggs pochés, veal liver with parsley, kidneys, whole roasted turbot fish, frog legs, Burgundy snails, bone marrow with flower of salt, etc.

In the background, the imposing roasting wal leads the way to an endless procession of whole suckling pigs and slabs of beef.

The rotisserie took the Gargantua slogan, "Fay ce que vouldras" (do as you wish), and made it their own!



  • Fromages aux Grands Buffets
  • Fromages et buffets aux Grands Buffets

Les Grands Buffets offers the largest cheese selection in a restaurant in the world (Guinness World Records)

Camembert, St-Nectaire, Comté, Salers, Cantal, Laguiole, Morbier, Reblochon, Brie, 4 varieties of Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Munster, wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano, Manchego, and many many more …

Coming from France and beyond, a total selection of 111 types of cheese !

The desserts

A foodie's paradise

Imagine a huge chocolate fountain and all around, a myriad of desserts like the ones our grandmothers made, 50 types of homemade cakes and pastries made by our own pastry Chefs. You thought you had finished your gourmet marathon? Make no mistake, you can still choose from the Saint-Honoré cake, the rum baba, the black forest cake, an éclair, a macaron, without forgetting the old-time favourites : the tarte tatin, the baked apples, the pancakes , rice pudding, chocolate mousse...

Make sure to have a taste of the Crepe Suzette flamed right before your eyes and to visit the "Ice Cream Palace" offering a wide range of sorbets or ice cream flavors and classic desserts made with ice cream.

Any happy eater who has already tasted one of the Grands Buffets feasts will tell you: the secret is to save a little space to finish in style.