Trips to the Narbonne Countryside

Let yourself be guided, whatever the season, through this multifaceted area with its and discover the fantastic sites. Cradle of Roman civilisation, you will discover a rich and unique historic heritage take advantage of your trip to visit the vineyards and taste the quality produce, or simple relax on the shores of the Mediterranean.

We propose a selection of the best address for a trip to the Pays Narbonnais...

Les Halles

  • Les Halles de Narbonne
  • Les huitres des Halles de Narbonne
  • Le terroir du sud de la France aux halles
  • La convivialité des Halles de Narbonne

Depuis des temps immémoriaux, la ville de Narbonne est portée par le commerce et les échread more

Abbaye de Fonfroide

  • L'Abbaye de Fontfroide
  • Les jardins de l'abbaye de Fontfroide
  • L'intérieur de l'abbaye de Fontfroide

If you are keen on architecture, the place to go is Abbaye de Fontfroide, a few kilometres outside Narbonne. Built in the midst of the Corbières in 1093, this historic monument, a perfect example of Cistercian architecture is set in a landscape of breathtaking magnificence. And for those gourmets among you, come and discover the Narbonnais terroir with a meal at the more

Grand Narbonne

  • Le littoral du Grand Narbonne
  • Le canal du midi à Narbonne
  • Gruissan

L'agglomération du Grand Narbonne compte 125 000 habitants, stratégiquement placés dans un pôle de communication qui relie read more

Château Peyrepertuse

  • Peyrepertuse
  • Le château Cathare de Peyrepertuse
  • Combat au chateau de peyrepertuse

A Duilhac , à environ 800 mètres d'altitude, surplombant les Corbièresread more


  • L'oulibo
  • La coopérative de l'Oulibo

Visitez Oulibo, une coopérative pétrolière qui est l'une des 10 entreprises commerciales les plus visitées en Francread more


  • Le port de Leucate
  • Ponton à Leucate près de Narbonne

Lieu de rêve reconnu pour tous les kitesurfeurs et véliplanchistes, Leucate , à 50 km de Narbonne, vous accueille sur ses rives sauvages au plus profond du read more

Terra Vinea

  • La cave de Terra Vinea
  • La découverte de Terra Vinea
  • Terra Vinea en famille

Portel-des-Corbières regorge de trésors cachésread more

Château l’Hospitalet

  • Gerard Bertrand
  • L'hospitalet
  • Le restaurant de l'hospitalet

Au sud de Narbonne , le massif du massif de La Claperead more

Chateau de Ventenac

  • La salle de Chateau Ventenac
  • Le caveau du Chateau Ventenac

Twenty kilometres from Narbonne, overlooking the famous Canal du Midi, rises the château de Ventenac, known and acknowledged to be the keeper of the historic terroir of our wonderful region. What is special about it? It houses a cellar in its depths of which the wine producing village of Ventenac-Minervois is justly proud, and which continues to attract  wine more

Treasure hunter

  • Chasseur de trésors
  • La vue de la cité de Carcassonne
  • L'aventure Chasseurs de trésors

Treasure hunters enables you to discover the La Narbonnaise region in a fun way through a treasure hunt. Discover the hidden, not to be missed or little known places with the aid of a map, a compass and some unusual indications. A treasure awaits you at the end of the adventure

Fontrabiouse cave

  • Stalactites de Fontrabiouse

On the borders of the Narbonnais region lies the Fontrabiouse cave. By a lucky chance this cave was discovered in 1958 and was opened to the public in 1983. A route extending over a kilometre will enable you to discover this beautifully preserved location in an enjoyable manner. Straddling both Catalonia and Cathars country the case of Fontrabiouse is a joy for big and small explorers alike !read more

The Museum 1900

  • Intérieur du Musée 1900
  • Le spectacle sons et lumières du Musée 1900

The  Museum 1900, at Lagrasse, some forty kilometres from Narbonne, is a journey through the history of Corbières which you can explore through an original self-guided visit passing through typical scenes of the period. One floor of this timeless museum provides a spectacle illustrating the rich heritage of Corbières. Take the old tramline and go back in time to 1900 and you will feel that you were really there more

Salin de la Palme

  • Les Salins de la Palme
  • Salin de la Palme

It is only thirty or so kilometres from Narbonne to Salin de La Palme. In the heart of the La Palme terroir an area which still retains its wild unspoilt landscape, the Salin de La Palme salt can boast of being both exceptional and unique in its purity. Just over a year ago, salt production began anew and this activity helps to maintain the coastline and contributes to maintaining the balance of its more

Le Grand Celièr

  • Les cuvées du Grand Cellier
  • Le Grand Cellier
  • Déguster les vins du Grand Cellier

Aux confins de l' Aude et de l'Hérault , au cœur du terroir minervois,read more

Contemporary Arts Centre

  • Lieu d'Art Contemporain
  • L.A.C
  • Les oeuvres du LAC

Contemporary Arts Centre Set in the heart of Corbieres in a former wine cellar the Contemporary Arts Centre - Lieu d’Art Contemporain (L.A.C) was founded in 1991. Twenty kilometres from Narbonne this astonishing centre holds exhibitions of contemporary artists in an atmosphere where time seems to stand still. With its beautiful rooms and its singular light, the L.A.C. offers new perspectives on the exhibited more

Giant gulf of Cabrespine

  • Le gouffre de Cabrespine
  • Le Gouffre de Cabrespine

Between Narbonne and Carcassonne, carved into the heart of the Black Mountain, the Giant Gulf of Cabrespine reveals its sumptuous secrets recognised throughout the world as an exceptional site. Since the nineteen seventies, the Gulf has been open to the public fascinated by its play of light and the beauty of its more