The Atmosphere

The Dining Room

  • les arts de la table
  • la salle des Grands Buffets
  • La convivialité du restaurant les Grands Buffets

Le chic intemporel d'une table classique  

Les Grands Buffets Restaurant is a tribute to classical fine dining : proper table cloths, embroidered napkins, an impeccably laid table, stem wine glasses, fish knives and forks, etc... The refined style of the décor is carried through in the fine woods used (mahogany etc.), carefully planted alcoves and the filtered lighting while the hyper-realistic pastels created by Alain Bellanger add a lively note to this warm and elegant atmosphere.

The Terrasse

  • Les Grands Buffets sont aussi reconnus pour avoir un cadre d'exception
  • Jardin à la française au grands buffets
  • Savourez un moment d'exception dans les jardins
  • Une ambiance d'exception aux Grands buffets

The garden by day

Arbors a thousand and one flowers, the gardens of the Restaurant Les Grands Buffets are the work of international landscape artist André Gayraud. You can have lunch in the shade, sheltered from the blazing sun, lulled by the gentle rustling of the fountains with the sculptures of Hervé Di Rosa placed here and there.

Dotted throughout the gardens, water mists preserve the lush vegetation while refreshing the atmosphere.

The garden at night

As the sun sets, the gardens transform into an otherworldly enchanting place. The play of light on the fountains creates rainbow reflections dancing on the water turning into mysterious shroud-like mists. Plants become dark shapes, sculptures fade into the background, and this magnificent light show blurs the lines between dream and reality.

The Private Dining Room

  • la Salle à manger des Grands Buffets
  • La cave privée de la Salle à manger des Grands Buffets

Everyone is a VIP here

The restaurant Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne has two private dining rooms where you can enjoy your meal with the family or spend time with friends (10 to 19 people).

Book directly online, it's your space.

The Bar

  • Le bar à l'anglaise des Grands Buffets
  • l'Afterwork des Grands Buffets
  • Un apéritif au bar des Grands Buffets
  • Ambiance garantie pour l'apéritif au Grands Buffets

Continue to enjoy: Before your meal at Les Grands Buffets restaurant, meet up with your friends for an aperitif at the Grands Buffets bar.


If you didn't manage to share a drink before dinner, why not continue your pleasant evening and enjoy a last cocktail at the bar? With its dark wood, Chesterfield sofas, sturdy wooden counter and ornaments, echoing Eton or Cambridge traditions, the bar has all the appeal of a private club. The bar offers a long cocktail menu where you can find all the classics (Maï Taï, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Margarita, etc.) side by side with more contemporary creations. There is also a wide choice of beers and whiskeys and you will find 16 types of wine by the glass.


Every day from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., we offer a free amuse-bouche after-work buffet including tapenades, toast, charcuterie, cheeses, etc.

Every Thursday there is a rock or blues concert. Now you can also cheer on your favorite teams with friends or family as the Private Bowling Pub shows all the biggest sporting events on its giant screen: VI Nations rugby tournament, UEFA Euros, FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, etc.