The Arts

Beauty and the good things in life

At Les Grands Buffets, you dine in the company of artists. Their works, which adorn the restaurant walls, have even found their way into the kitchens (!) and add a touch of grace and beauty to your dining experience.


  • L'artiste Hervé di Rosa expose ses oeuvres au restaurant les Grands Buffets
  • Le sculpteur Hervé di Rosa aux Grands Buffets
  • Les scultpures de l'artiste Hervé di Rosa

Hervé Di Rosa, along with Robert Combas, François Boisrond, and Rémy Blanchard, is a founder of the Figuration Libre movement. He met and exhibited with Keith Haring in New York. He invents personalities from Diromythology In 2000, having exhibited all over the world and taken part in many prestigious exhibitions he opened the International Museum of Modest Arts (MIAM).

During a visit to Cameroon in 2003, he discovered the bronzes of Foumban, which inspired him to create monumental sculptures which you can now see on the terraces of the Grands Buffets.

Patrick Chappert-Gaujal

  • Chappert Gaujal expose aux Grands Buffets
  • Chappert-Gaujal aux Grands Buffets
  • Les oeuvres de P. Chappert-Gaujal aux Grands Buffets

This former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Perpignan exhibited for the first time in 1988 at Gallery GKM in Malmö (Sweden). It was followed by many others not only in this gallery but also throughout Europe and the United States. Today at La Franqui on the shores of the Mediterranean, the painter draws inspiration from the alternating gentle and rugged landscapes of the region.


  • Les pastels de l'artiste Alain Bellanger
  • L'artiste Alain Bellanger aux Grands Buffets
  • L'exposition d'Alain Bellanger aux Grands Buffets
  • Découvrez les oeuvres de Bellanger

A gifted artist, Alain Bellanger has exhibited all over the world since 1987 : Paris, New York, Los Angeles… His passion for curcurbitae (the cucumber and pumpkin family of plants) led him in 1995 to devote a whole exhibition to them entitled " Birth, Life and Death of pumpkins : the Full Adventure ". It is however on the banks of the Creuse, in a magical setting that he works with his pastels.


  • Oeuvre du paysagiste André Gayraud aux Grands buffets
  • Le paysagiste André Gayraud aux Grands buffets
  • Les aménagements paysagers de l'artiste andré Gayraud
  • Les mises en scène d'André Gayraud dans le jardin

On sunny days, sit in the gardens beneath the flower arbours, near the cool fountains or in the lushly planted alcoves ideal for intimate dining. This paradise of rare roses, jasmine and other magical flowers and blooms is the work of the world famous landscaper André Gayraud.




  • Les luminaires de José Estèves aux Grands Buffets
  • L'artisan et artiste José Estèves aux Grands Buffets

The light fittings at les Grands Buffets, made with old silvered metal cutlery are the work of the craftsman José Estèves. Inspired by metal and wood two materials with which he seeks to evoke the rawest emotions - he creates his made to measure light fittings with tremendous care and attention to detail.


  • Les illuminations féériques de l'artiste JN Cordonnier au restaurant les Grands Buffets
  • La magie des lumières de JN Cordonnier dans les jardins des Grands Buffets
  • L'artiste JN Cordonnier aux Grands Buffets

Coming from the world of live entertainment where magic is worked in his ephemeral shows, Jean-Noël Cordonnier is to lighting what the stylist is to Haute-Couture. His approach at les Grands Buffets at Narbonne has transformed Hervé di Rosa's sculptures in the garden and installed in the dining room a more muted lighting atmosphere where clever contrasts depict the paintings hung there in their best light.

Highly sought after, he has applied his design know-how to the lighting for Parc Astérix in Paris, and to the façades of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Carcassonne… His talents as a set designer have also been used by the M2 TV channel in Morocco, during sports events in Barcelona and several major festivals such as that of the Cité à Carcassonne, the Prades, Jazz festival at Hospitalet, Nîmes, etc.

Jean-Noël CORDONNIER has made the gardens of the Grand Buffets sublime.
Lighting - Set designer