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Hôtellerie Restauration Les Grands Buffets

At Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne, "there is no problem of staff because it is the employees who recruit"

Since 2008, Louis Privat, creator and director of the company, has entrusted the recruitment of employees of the services concerned by the position to be filled. A cooptation system that works and facilitates the integration of new employees.

"It's not up to me to say if a postulant is a good pastry chef, for example, it's up to his future colleagues!" A boss is not always in the best position to judge the knowledge of being in a team. It is the waiters who recruit a new server, or the kitchen team that conducts the interview of a future cook and it works very well, "explains Louis Privat, who has always been in the" Social experimentation since the creation of the Grands Buffets de Narbonne (Aude). "I was the first in France to go to the 36 hours in 1999, which represents for employees in break three days of salvage monthly. I set up an incentive in 1991 and I am very vigilant on all types Harassment with procedures put in place with the staff representatives, and I also wanted to fight against over-indebtedness by making loans of restructuring or support, without any interest, studying the repayment capacity of our employees and helping them to "It's a case-by-case approach, and since the company was set up, the company has accompanied dozens of people," said the atypical restaurateur, whose company is facing an avoidable success story with 300,000 Year-round clients, attracted by an all-you-can-eat buffets formula that is enthusiastic about its quality, concept and staging.

With a capacity of 800 people per day and an average ticket price of € 37 to € 39, the company has "110 employees year-round to raise up to 140 contracts in summer." We prefer CDIs because it is more difficult to inculcate Values ​​of the company to temporary seasonal workers, and they do not have access to the same quality of training as the permanent contracts, so that we do not recruit more than twenty people a year. A college of employees of the service meets to evaluate the candidate and his / her ability to join the team, who are the ones who say yes or no to the candidate, so the transplant takes better when the people concerned have a say and They know if the candidate is motivated, if he knows the reality of the profession and especially if he will remain in the company.I meet all the new entrants but only when they have taken their post. Companies that are knowledge-based And not the technical aspect that I do not master. Currently, I am looking for a butcher, a cheese maker and a confectioner, "explains Louis Privat, who created the Grands Buffets in 1989.