Vitisphère découvre le restaurant les Grands Buffets

Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne offers 70 varieties by the glass.

Louis Privat continues his crusade to develop wine consumption in the restaurant business. As the first restaurant to offer the full wine list at producer cost price , the Narbonne restaurateur has expanded the wines he is now offering by the glass. The wine list, which contained 120 varieties has been redesigned and reduced to 70 wines, all of which are now offered by the glass. Either by glass or the whole bottle, the wines are all sold at producer price.

This offer aims to keep in line with customer demand : the consumption of wine by the glass is a marked development in the French restaurant business. The venture, which was launched in 2012, consisting of offering the bottle consumed at table free for every case of 6 bottles purchased continues. It has led to a marked growth in wine sales. In 2011, the Grands Buffets in Narbonne sold 50,000 bottles. Over the last 12 months this figure rose to 65 000 bottles (sold at table and to take away).