Livre d'or

Fanny Cottençon aux Grands Buffets

Fanny Cottençon

During the 1st International Historical Fiction Film festival jury member Fanny Cottençon came to dinner at les Grands Buffets on 24 and 25 September 2015. Here is her dedication : «At the Grand Bu-- ffet, I drank... ate and didn't do a thing. Thanks Bravo. Merci, petit Jésus... Fanny»
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Les Grands Buffets reçoivent Madelaine Fontaine

Madelaine Fontaine

The costume designer Madeline Fontaine came for dinner at les Grands Buffets on 25 September 2015 having attended the International Historic Fiction Film Festival. Here is her dedication : « A little word for les Grands Buffets : "Gargantua le gosier..." Madeline Fontaine»
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Philippe Candeloro aux Grands Buffets

Philippe Candeloro

Philippe Candeloro came to les Grands Buffets this Thursday 20 December 2012 and took advantage of his visit to discover the future open kitchen at les Grands Buffets.
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Louise Barnathan aux Grands Buffets

Louise Barnathan

For the 1st International Historic Fiction Film Festival, Les Grands Buffets was delighted to welcome jury member Louise Barnathan to dinner on 24 and 25 September 2015. Here is her dedication : « It's not just Pierre Richard who eats well here !! Long live the historic fiction festival and long...
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